Studio B

In stark contrast to the livelier acoustics of Studio A, Sound City’s Studio B offers artists a classic, dampened room sound with its own unique characteristics. Studio B shares an equally famed history that includes artists such as: Buckingham Nicks, War, Rick Springfield, Queens of the Stone Age, and many more.


Currently at the heart of Studio B is the world’s only known Helios “Type 69” line mixer, which offers all of the same benefits of our A console, with the added flexibility of external microphone amplifiers. It was originally installed in 1969 at Island Records’ “Basing Street Studios” in London (at a time when tracks by Led Zeppelin, Stephen Stills, Free, The Who, Bob Marley, Black Sabbath, Cat Stevens, Peter Gabriel era Genesis, and Traffic would have likely graced its faders). The console then made its way to the famed Studio 70 in Munich where it mixed seminal Donna Summer records for Giorgio Moroder as well as albums by Kraftwerk. In the late 80s, its journey took it through several other European studios before it crossed the “pond” and ultimately landed in Los Angeles.


Live Room Dimensions: 27' X 18'

Isolation Booth Dimensions: 18' X 9’

Control Room Dimensions: 19’ X 16’